George Strait

George Strait

George Strait

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Birthday: 1952-05-18
Born: Poteet, Texas, USA

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George Strait is a country singer from the US. He was born in 1952. George Strait was raised by his father. Already at school started playing in a band. His band played music in the genre of rock. Although George Strait perfectly played the instrument, his soul belonged to the genre of country music.

This young man was very romantic. After finishing high school he ran away with his lover and they have secretly married. But after a couple of weeks the young lovers returned home and married in the church, and received the consent of their parents. In 1971, George Strait was sent to the army.

There he got acquainted with the musical band that performed songs in different genre categories. George Strait did not throw his passion even while studying in college. The young man realized that he wouldn’t survive without music. In the late seventies musician joined the group «Ace in the Hole». Producer was impressed by the vocal of George Strait, so offered him to sign a long term contract.

Tony Brown and George Strait made a strong and good friendship. Tony helped George to release fifteen albums and more than 150 singles. George Strait is great family man and amazing performer. He always surprises and delights his fans with new songs.